All of our fabrics are either upcycled, recycled, organic, or bio-degradable. Sourcing is done slowly and thoughtfully throughout Latin America and Europe.

Our polyamides or lycras, sourced from a textile business of withstanding tradition in Italy, are made out of regenerated nylon yarns, upcycled from fish-nets and other waste. Work with this supplier contributes to “Healthy Seas”, an initiative focused on collecting ocean litter.

Our cotton fabrics, used in most of our leisure and casualwear pieces like T-shirts and Sweatshirts, are made entirely from fair-trade certified and organic cotton bulbs that have been continuously harvested by Brazilian and Turkish farmers under biodynamic agriculture for the past 25 years. Hypoalergenic and great for sensitive skin, all cotton fabrics are also free of chemicals and toxic dyes.

Other fabrics we use, sourced in Brazil, are biodegradable and entirely de-compose up to three years after their disposal, hence contributing to CO2 control and overall human health.

Prints on our fabrics are not chemically stamped but instead hand-painted with natural and organic dyes such as Peruvian indigo and Mexican chirimoya. This not only enables additional sustainability within production, but also makes each piece extremely unique.

Last but not least, all Palomiino packaging is 100% eco-friendly. Tags are made from recycled paper and labels are non-plastic and naturally dyed.




Our pieces are made at home by expert seamstresses and we are in the process of working with re-habilitated guerrilla women from Colombia’s 50-year-old conflict.

Also, looking to operate within a sustainable business model that rethinks the industry’s traditional and often harmful ways, all of our pieces are MADE-TO-ORDER.

This not only guarantees a more circular approach to production and less waste, but it also allows us to craft pieces exclusively and specially for each customer.




Palomiino donates 3% of every single purchase to “Fundacion Ayuda por Colombia“, a local fundraiser focused on supporting children and teenagers that belong to families living under extreme poverty or vulnerability.

For more information on how to contribute to “Fundacion Ayuda por Colombia“, click here.


Our design process is considering of both, petite and curvy silhouettes. This is why many of our silhouettes are one size, meaning they’re designed to work from anyone from a very small fit to a very large one.

Similarly, and even though most of our communication is targeted towards women, we also thoughtfully craft minimalistic and fun pieces that are inclusive of men and non-binary communities.

Last but not least, through our communication, branding, and partnerships, we make a conscious effort to shed light over empowerment and inclusivity initiatives or ideas. This said, keep an eye out for the occasional hidden message on our garment labels ; )